Imagine if you Changed

the Air your Breathe 

Air pollution reports worldwide have been declared ‘public health emergency’ in 2017. Our goal is to design next-generation products that help populations to face climate change. 


Every route you take, every-air you breathe

UNU technology

Fashion to raise consciousness on contamination


Real-time data report on Air-quality of your journey

Crowd Data

Share your experience with the community

Our Mobile Application

The App allow you to map air-quality,
shared by other users, on Crowd Data.
In addition, you can access full report
on each street you are passing by.

  • Real-Time Data
  • Pollution Mapping
  • Air-Quality Report
  • Protected Privacy Policy

Real Time Ambient Sensor


Real-time air-pollution sensor is directly connected both to the app and to the wearable sensor. Your fashion accessory transforms this data into color changes.

If you cross a busy street, your sensor may start glowing in red. Likewise, you can make a direct impact on other passengers, notifying about danger or safe locations.

Wearable Solutions

100% biodegradable & eco-friendly

We care about the environment we all share.

3D printing UNU fashion accessory from a translucent PLA, allows the color signals to be smoothly playing on the whole structure being eco-friendly at the same time.

This design also allows hiding electronics inside. During the day, it can detect pollution and during the night the battery can be recharged with a simple USB cable.