Air-pollution Monitoring

for Baby health

Our idea grew when living in Brussels, friends who are now also parent were deeply worried for their babies well-being as to reports on how badly air-toxicity affects health. 

At that time, we were working on our jewelry product that used Arduino sensors but caring for baby health, required us to go beyond that product. We came with a simple idea of re-inventing a badge.

Enchanted Objects

We use high-tech but we don’t want our products to look like technology. UNU brings back the magic to ordinary objects. We design objects that can save lives. UNU can be easily integrated to any lifestyle and easily attached to any backpack or  a baby-carrier.

The Magic of Smart Textile

UNU uses tailor-made elastic sensor and fiber optics spread through the fabrics to enhance user-experience. Our badges have fun design to chose and it comes with a kit and manual on how to attach it on your cloth, bag, baby carrier, etc. 

UNU reacts to the air-quality and signals of pollution variations by its color change. Parents can read the full report to understand daily habits and safer routes. These badges are easily detached and can be recharged with an ordinary smart-phone charger.

UNU is created with multi-task parents in mind.  It is safe to handle and easy to operate.